The most effective method for weight loss involves the retraining of your body to preferentially utilize fats rather than re-accumulate and store them.


Intravenous therapy allows patients to receive ten times the nutrients in one therapy session compared to what their body can utilize in a day.


Did you know the healthier you are physically the clearer your mind is mentally? Your brain cells deserve the nutrients they need to be at top performance.


Ever felt dehydrated, hungover, fatigued, or spent too much time in the sun? PureAge has IV hydration therapy treatments to help you feel your best.


An industry leader in Advanced Anti-Aging and Lifestyle Medicine

Pure Age maintains a high standard of integrity and professionalism by way of compliance with all applicable state medical laws and regulations, and the utilization of certified compounding pharmacies.

We only prescribe Bio-Identical Hormones that exactly match the molecular structure of those produced naturally by the body.

Intravenous Therapy is a treatment designed to help revitalize patient’s metabolisms, increasing blood flow throughout the body

Our unique Amino Blend formula combines four amino acids which may stimulate the body’s natural production of growth hormone.

One of the most effective natural based therapies to help enhance many aspects of your health Autologous treatment-Meaning your own body helps improve your health The Plasma portion of your blood contains Platelets, which when activated releases natural growth pro-teins, growth factors, and anti-inflammatories markers. This treatment can be great for musculoskeletal issues including arthritis, sports injuries, over-use injuries, inflammation, muscle strains, ligament sprains, carpal tunnel, meniscus, cartilage issues and many more.

Are you sick of taking prescription medicines that just cover up your symptoms? Do your doctors; rush you out of their office without getting a word in; after waiting an hour in their waiting room? Our functional approach to medicine looks for the causation of your symptoms and utilizes as natural of treatments as possible to help you feel and look your best Our bodies are amazingly complex and when put in the right environment and supported properly, can take care of themselves Medical care should be proactive, rather than reactive. Medicine should be a two way street with the patient and doctor working together to solve a problem We take a comprehensive approach to help seek out individualized answers to your health concerns Every patient we see is respected and given all the attention and time they deserve We want to be a facility that our patients look forward to returning to

We have qualified physicians to treat the hormone deficient people with preventive medicine especially through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Both men and women are given tailored treatment with promised results.


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Why Detox?

Many people who complete a detox program report that they feel more energetic. While you are detoxing, you are removing the things in your body that slow you down. By replacing the caffeine, saturated fats, trans fats, and sugar in your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, you will add a natural supply of energy to your body without a crash afterward. It is important to stay hydrated during a detox program, which can also increase your energy if you don’t normally consume enough water.